Friday, February 15, 2008

Dearest Miles, Sweetest Julian!

Yesterday was Valentine's day and I was thinking how It must be up there over the Rainbow, on a Kindness Star... Even though I'm one of those people who celebrate Love every day I like Valentine's....just the idea that Love too has special day, holiday, fills me with hope and makes my heart smile :)

Soooo... I was thinking of You guys, the unconditional Love your families share, Love that never dies and will tie You with your dearest ones forever! Being an incurable romantic with a huge imagination and firm belief in everything I imagine, I was smiling at all the ways You guys were using to send some extra special love to your families.

I believe your Mom felt your hugs, Miles and JuJu's Mama got her KinG's dinosaur kisses!

And Me? Everything that You two and your families have taught Me pushed Me so far that I reevaluated my whole life, people that surround Me, the way I live...and I spend my Valentine with You, My Hero and My KinG:)

I love You and miss You lots!!!!
Have fun:))

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The Journey Begins Here said...

I read about your polar bear experience and just stopped by to say hi. Theresa